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It was necessary to give a good conscience. For the 21st and last day of the election campaign, presidential candidates on February 24th launched a strong mobilization. While these gatherings are not a reliable barometer to get an idea on the verdict on Sunday, but it was necessary to end the beauty and place ourselves in the eyes of opinion. And convince the last undecided voters. On the small screen, Madicky Niang, Macky Sall, Issa Sall, Idrissa Seck and Ousmane Sonko fought to mobilize the man. It was not surprising that the outgoing president was over the crowd. While crossing the neighborhoods of Grand-Yoff, Jet D'eau, Medina and Yoff, decorated with a walkabout at the Léopold Sédar Senghor stadium, Macky Sall closed the stage full.
At the same time, Ousmane Sonko was also full on the Alassane Djigo at Pikine where he was Thursday. In addition, the candidate of the coalition Sonko President mocked the "mobilization Ndiaga Ndiaye" of the candidate of Benno bokk yaakaar. Dakar, was the place of convergence of candidates.
Madické Niang, also in the same place, started his latest seduction weapons at the public picnic with promises. And here is he who already considers himself elected.
At Rufisque, Issa Sall was bathed in the atmosphere near a popular courage. A "clean" mobilization that continued at the Centennial Alley.
The caravan Orange Idrissa Seck could not stay behind. In the capital, always wrapped in the white of the caftan, he became a "messenger" in front of his Ucad students. Basically, the programs had spread, the jerry started on both sides. The campaign, enamelled a dozen deaths, was closed. From now on, the last word comes back to people.


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