Agricultural campaign in Ndoucoumane: the governor counts the release of the record


Kaffrine, Nov. 2 (APS) – Governor Kaffrine, Jean Baptiste Coly, says that the 2017-2018 crop year is a record for the production of Ndoucoumane.

"This year we did not have a lot of attacks on crops." "We believe that plants can be of high quality and reach the prices obtained last year, perhaps even better," he said in an interview with APS.

"There were some fears after a long dryness break in July, but after a three-day agricultural tour, fear came to a halt," said Kaffrine's regional CEO.

He said he was reassuring after the tour and hoped he'd ever hoped for "good harvest".

According to him, the desire to modernize agriculture enforced by the Senegalese State is also a "very positive echo" for the "Ndoucoumane" producers.

But he regrets that "fertilizer is still a problem" with the quantities that the peasants do not have enough.

"The impressions are positive, there is a real dynamism in agriculture, there is a huge area in the Kaffrine region, and we are satisfied," he said.


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