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The ways in which Google follows you and how you stop it

Google, like Facebook, collects a lot of personal data about its users, whether we like it or not, although many of us have put this thought in mind as they browse the Internet, maybe we do not realize the reality of what's going on in scenes and phrase Web developer Dylan Korn asks serious thought:

"Do you really want to be scared? I'll show you how much specific information I know about you on Google and the Apple Store, without even realizing that"

This tweet was realistically amazing, given the details Google knows about every trip you make and every search you've made, as well as recording every video you watch on YouTube, knows your taste in music.

But do not be afraid because Google is not interested in publishing this information and instead keeps it and gathers what you've done so it can learn more about you to better guide you to the ads you want to see and the services that Would you like.

If the idea of ​​a company that has all this information in one place makes you feel comfortable, do not worry, you can prevent Google from tracking every step you have, not just that, but you can also delete all previous data you have collected (and you can download a copy of this data even though we do not recommend it).

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How do you see everything that brings it together? Google About you?

Since 2016, Google has allowed users to see all of this information through my activity, where you will see a timeline for each interaction you've made through a Google app using your account, or watching a YouTube video or using Maps Google to ask for directions What?

The ways in which Google follows you - my activity

Google stores every search you make

Google uses a lot of data you collect to help you work faster. This is when you start typing in Google search, it seems you know instinctively what you are looking for. It may be useful, but it comes to you in contrast to knowing your past on the search engine. Every search you make on Google, Google Now or even on Google Maps. But it does not share this information with anyone, so your data will be stored and stored to use for their own services.

How did you stop it?

The ways in which Google follows you and how you stop it

To disable Google's registration for each search, go to My Activity and click Activate activity on the side of the screen and enter the main screen where the first section is called Web & App Activity. Now turn off this setting and click Pause, Also, clear the box below to include your Chrome Chrome Chrome browsing history and activities from sites and apps that use Google services.

Web and app activity

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Google is monitoring your site

Google takes you everywhere from the devices you're connected to on Google Maps or on your Android device. Users using iPhones or other Apple devices will find that Apple automatically places this piece so you do not have many maps for sites like Android users.

How did you stop it?

Go to My Activity, click Activity Checks on the side of the screen, scroll down and find Location History, stop it, and click Pause.

Location History - The ways Google follows

Google monitors the smart phones you use

Google stores information about each Android device you've used to sign in to your account, and the basic idea is that it can offer better apps and services the next time you have a new device.

How did you stop it?

Go to My Activity, click Activity Controls, scroll down to find device information, disable this option, and then click Pause.

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Google records your voice

Every time you say "Ok Google" to your phone or smartphone, Google keeps this order so that you can return, read, or delete it and save these records to improve the way your devices respond and later on for their development.

How did you stop it?

In the same steps, go to the activity controls, scroll down and find the Voice and Audio Activity, turn it off, and click Pause.

The ways in which Google follows you - Voice and audio activity

Google follows every video you watch on YouTube

When you use YouTube, every search and video you watch is recorded and the important thing is that Google may recommend that you see the new videos better and automatically display all the relevant videos you are looking for.

How did you stop it?

Just follow the same steps, scroll down to see YouTube's YouTube search history and YouTube tracking history, uncheck each box, and click Pause when each dialog box appears.

The ways Google follows you - YouTube Watch History

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