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The novel "Other" .. Romantic social among women

Sameh Al-Khatib from Cairo *

Wednesday, 21 November 2018 – 03:13

As an expert in the human soul, the novel "The Other", by the Egyptian writer Nashwa Salah, penetrates the woman's premises to highlight her feelings and read her thoughts and presents a revealing panorama of her relationships with society and her herself in a romantic social form.

The author chose to start working with the style of "retrospection" or reverse storytelling from the oldest to the newest, as the novel from France starts where journalist Nadim Noman sits in his office reluctant to open an email from his fiancee, Muntaha Rahal, the girl who quickly appeared in his life and withdrew from her same speed.

After deciding his decision to open the message begins the story on the lips of Mntaha, which begins to tell her story from childhood and even meet with Nadim in the capital of light where she conducted a newspaper article in the newspaper in which operates.

A life that ended with a tragedy she had experienced since childhood and grew up with her and lost her mother, a loss not due to death or coercion. Her mother left her with her choice and left leaving her child and her child and father back.

From the story of her daughter, the writer falsified in the history of the mother and the same name. Month, the rich girl who loved a new university in her youth and questioned the conditions and parents and married at the university. But within a few years, love disappears and poverty is exhausted and the girl returns to her family in the hope of creating a new life.

Days and years continue and Muntaha Rahal grows up and becomes a respected journalist but the impact left by her mother's absence remains a barrier between her and the world of emotions and romance until Nadeem Noman meets in a professional a trip to Europe.

But despite the spiritual approach between them, things are complicated and disappear until they send out their e-mail.

"Maybe I was scared of the idea of ​​marriage because everyone says I'm a photo of her and I do not want to be her. I may be afraid to get married and have children and suddenly to know it was not my desire or that this man was not "writes the author. My dream, I decide to empty my load on the road and go, my donkey, who may be a son or daughter who has no sin to spoil the fun of hygiene and a man leaves him interrupted because his sin was the his decision to give his name one day, I do not want to be. But it's more likely. "

The novel combines social and romantic motifs in a smooth way so as to push the reader to some extent wondering. Is the love story of Muntaha Rahal and Nadim Noman the basic story or story of father and mother separation and impact on children and their development?

The 326-page medium-sized novel about Al-Rawwaq for publication and distribution in Cairo is the second for a doctorate in humanities from the University of Boston after the Skilful Skill novel published in 2015.


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