The head of the Saudi unit: the coach of Mido "excellent" and "the lack of Mendes" demanding his departure


Hatem Khaimi, head of the Al-Wehda club, praised the level of coach Ahmed Hossam "Mido", pointing out that he aims to change the mentality of the club.

The unit beat one of the 4/1 in the twenty-first phase of Prince Mohamed Bin Salman's professional championship to increase the balance to 34 points in sixth place.

"After each defeat, few people appear and start to cause problems through different social platforms but disappear at the moment of victory," Saudi Sports Club president said.

"The masses of unity are great and wonderful, but some of them are affected by what the few people who distract through social communication, their message to them not to walk behind them, they impress the stability of the group."

"Mido is an excellent coach, this is a matter for us, we are footballers, we live with the coaching staff and we see their work on the ground," he said.

"It is likely that Mido will lose a game, this is normal in football. Whoever in the world is exposed to it, but we support him and his team, we want to have a state of stability in the club."

"There are those who send me bus biographies to expel Medon from training the team after the loss."

"Of course, I'm sad about anything upset by the mood, I know there are great club fans hoping to enjoy before they die, we try our best to make them happy and I can not leave the club."

"I've been to the club ever since I was a player, but I have confidence in the rest of the fans, my goal is to change the mentality in the club, for generations I watch the club and suffer them."

"We are the oldest club in the Kingdom and we are not missing any club if it was the second since its foundation and we do not want the captain. We are the first to create sports in the Kingdom and celebrate 103 years."


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