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The Development Bank finances 610 tourism projects in various Amman governments

10 11 2018

The Oman Development Bank has funded more than 610 tourist projects in several Sultanates, totaling 52 million RO.

Several officials from the Oman Development Bank and the Ministry of Tourism at the Al-Busta Governorate, as well as several Rashda and Aayan, also took part in the meeting. And investors in the central province who are interested in investing in tourism.

Omani Development Bank spoke to Zahran bin Issa Al Rawahi, director of the Omani Development Bank branch in Wilayat, Duqm, and stressed that Omani Development Bank paid special attention to the tourism sector and funded 610 projects for a period of 9 years worth 52 million dollars. The Central Bank has been funded with a total value of 156 million RO The Bank continues to finance the industry with greater potential to keep up with the strategic plans and programs of the government that have been developed for this sector, stressing that the Bank will support its efforts Ministry of Tourism for the development of the sector.

Mr. Yaqub bin Humaid Al-Shuraiki from the Ministry of Tourism presented a visual presentation under the title "Procedures for the Establishment of Hotel Projects in Private Areas." Reviewed types of hotel projects, explained the requirements for the approval of the tourist project, the implementation mechanism, The number of tourist resorts, hotels and hotel apartments, tourist places, campsites and toilets. The official of the Ministry of Tourism explained the basic criteria for classification of tourist companies in general and hotels in particular.

Sheikh Zayed Bin Ali Al Jabri presented a working paper on the financial services provided by the Oman Development Bank and reviewed the Bank's main financing activities and financing conditions in line with these products and pointed out that between October 2009 and October 2018, And 513 loans, of a total value of 9,426,593 RO, ranged between production projects and added value added value and added value, which helped to open up the operational horizons of national staff n.

Salim Bin Ali Bin Suwijandan Al-Mehari and Saeed Al Saadi reviewed two success stories for Sawa medium and central companies to inspire entrepreneurs seeking entrepreneurship in the industry. Tourist in the central province.

The ceremony was attended by Sich Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al Bushiddi, Deputy Governor of Muhout, as a commemorative gift for the participants. Hamat Bin Salaam Al Kharthy, head of micro-management of small and medium-sized businesses and a portfolio at Oman Development Bank, presented a commemorative gift to the contractor.

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