Tuesday , November 24 2020

Sports today – after the defeat before Tigris .. The appointment of Mohamed Wahba coach and manager of the ball Ismaili

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Sports Today:

The Ismaili Board, chaired by Ibrahim Osman, has decided to hold a meeting with Brazilian Josep Vieira, Technical Director of Darawish, to determine the reasons for the reduction in results, despite the availability and satisfaction of all requests in all flat. Redefined within the group.

The Ismaili Board of Directors noted that the current stage requires concerted efforts and stands behind the team in order to overcome this obstacle and return quickly to the victory path in the light of the multiplicity of rights the group is involved in, African Championships and the Zayed Cup for Champions Clubs.

Ismaili lost 3-1 Wadi Degla to Ismailia Stadium in the 13th round of the championship.

Dervishes are 11th with 13 points on the board.

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