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Significant numbers in the citizen's calculation process


Citizen – Saad Al-Aqeel

With the deposit of the twelfth installment of the Citizens Account today, the total support given to the beneficiaries reached 27.5 billion riyals since its inception last December, confirming the Kingdom's determination to support the earliest and lowest income groups.

The following are important elements in the course of the program.

  • The Citizens Account Program has today submitted the support amounts to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries of the 12th installment of November with a total support of 2.4 billion riyals.
  • In November, 3.6 million key beneficiaries, 8.4 million beneficiaries and a total of 12.1 million beneficiaries were included.
  • The second tranche included the payment of compensation retroactively from previous payments to the number of beneficiaries in the citizen's account, after studying their applications and verifying the accuracy of their statements, and the total amount of compensation at that 19.9 million riyals.
  • 43% of households received the full benefit of SR 1000 as average support in the last tranche.
  • Support also included 82% of eligible households and individuals.

Cost of life difference
The calculation of the cost of fuel, electricity and value added tax on food and beverages will be covered by the support provided to the Citizens' Accounts Program. The aim of the program is to serve families and eligible individuals to mitigate direct and indirect impacts of economic reforms. It is open all year to apply and benefit from support provided to eligible and eligible citizens.

Eligibility criteria

The citizen's account that the aid is disbursed according to the eligibility criteria, which takes into account the number of people and the income and the age of the family.

The Citizens' Accounts Program aims to mitigate the direct and indirect impact of economic reforms on eligible Saudi Arabian households. The value of subsidies includes an increase in changes in fuel and electricity prices after correction and the impact of value added on food and beverages.

Recording continues

On the other hand, the Citizens' Account continues to be registered in the 14th round of payments today and for one month to be deposited in January.

Beneficiaries must reside permanently within the Kingdom so that they have not been resident outside the Kingdom for more than 90 days during the last 12 months.

Eligibility criteria are based on the total household income, the number of its members and the age of dependent people if they are older or younger than 18 years of age.

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