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"Passage" … state of work of foreign engineers in Saudi Arabia

"Passage" … state of work of foreign engineers in Saudi Arabia

Thursday – 7 months Rabi I 1440 H – November 15, 2018 Publication Number [

Riyadh: Shuja al-Buqami

In a step that will prevent the entry of unskilled engineers and stop attracting false certificate holders to work in engineering, the Saudi Engineers Authority (SASO) inaugurated yesterday the Passasat online service, which requires engineers wishing to work in the Kingdom to register with the Saudi Arabian Institute of Engineering. Their arrival and their conclusion, and the granting of a work visa by companies, engineering offices and the public and private sectors. The chairman of the board of the Saudi Engineers Organization, Said bin Mohammed Al Shahrani inaugurated the "Passasat" service in Riyadh yesterday and stressed that this service is aimed at facilitating procedures for those wishing to work in the Kingdom as well as facilitating procedures for employers and various sectors. The Ministry of the Interior, the General Directorate of Passports and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassies and Consulates of Saudi Arabia in the countries of the world through the association in the system between the Authority and these bodies and the implementation of the decisions issued on granting working visa or entry visa For the UK, for those who do not have the ability and professionalism in one of the approved engineering disciplines, applied by the Saudi Engineering Organization. "
Engineer Al Shahrani pointed out that Passing offers a variety of convenient services, the most important of which is electronic remote sign-up and electronic payment. The appropriate payment method can be selected and a temporary subscription is issued. The service is also quick and easy to enroll, Scientific and experience certificates and recognition documents, in a short time and in a short period of time. "
He explained that this service depends on the application of the mandatory five-year experience requirement to any engineer who wishes to work in the Kingdom, in addition to verifying the accuracy of his data, pointed out that the shunting service is aimed at preventing the entry of unauthorized engineers, Mechanical Engineering and prevent the entry of any person only after making sure that he has professional competence and intends to stop technical violations in companies and engineers offices s and reduce technical errors in the works.
"This service has many positive benefits that will come back to the homeland, citizen and economy of the Kingdom and the most important of these benefits is to ensure the quality of mechanical work with the presence of skilled engineers, to open the space for Saudi Arabia engineer and give priority to employment, The government and the private sector wishing to bring engineers and technicians to work within the Kingdom. "
These developments are in the field of engineering, while the pace of implementation of projects is expected to increase, with positive expectations for greater economic growth.


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