Number of calories in grapes


Grape is one of the nutritious and tasty fruits at the same time, a fruit that contains many different nutrients such as salts, vitamins and various minerals that benefit the human body, the characteristics found in grapes of any kind that do not contain a high percentage of calories , This will explain.

Number of calories in grapes

Grapefruit is a fruit that is not high in calories, so this is a good diet for those who are overweight.

Each cup of grapes contains about 104 calories and other nutrients.

The cup of grapes contains the amount of carbohydrates that represents about 27.3 grams and the amount of fat 0.2 grams.

It also contains 1.4 grams of dietary fiber and 0.1 milligram manganese.

The benefits of different grapes

Grapes are fruits that have many different benefits, such as:

Protection from cancer

The grape contains a large amount of antioxidants called polyphenols, which feature many natural anti-inflammatory and oxidative properties.

Many studies have shown that nutrients in grapes prevent the growth of cancerous tumors in the lymph nodes, the breast, the liver or the stomach.

Fruit grapes containing anti-inflammatory substances such as flavonoids, these substances that act to stop the growth of cancer cells and eliminate them if they are found.

Grapes and heart health

The grape contains antioxidants that have an important role in protecting the heart from many dangers, such as heart attack caused by atherosclerosis.

Grapes protect the body from fat and bad cholesterol that are stored in the blood and can expose the individual to exposure to blood clots.

The grape contains a substance called resveratrol, which works to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The grape contains a combination of dietary fiber and potassium, which are very useful for heart health.

The health of grapes and eyes

The grape contains a very large amount of antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin. These substances work to maintain eye health because they resist the unstable free radicals in the eye area and thus protect the eyes and the retina from exposure to many problems and injuries.

Grapes and the elimination of acne

The grape contains resveratrol, which helps prevent all skin diseases that affect the skin, including acne.

Grapes and blood pressure

The grape contains a high potassium level It is known that potassium works to reduce the negative effects of increasing the sodium proportion in food.

The grape contains a large amount of dietary fiber that helps maintain cardiovascular health, maintain blood pressure and protect the body from exposure to high or low blood pressure.


The grape contains an amount of fiber and water to help maintain body moisture, as well as helping to facilitate bowel movement, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Grapes and diabetes

Grapes are fruits containing a percentage of natural sugars that do not cause any health damage to those suffering from diabetes.

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