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Nerve cell disorder suffers colonization of the colon in Alexandria

Nerve cell disorder suffers colonization of the colon in Alexandria

03:21 p Monday November 12, 2018

Alexandria – Mohamed El Bari:

A medical team at the Al-Shatby University Hospital in Alexandria managed to perform a colloid for a wider case of an 8-year-old child in the hospital's pediatric surgery department.

The head of the surgical team, Dr. Saber Wahib, a professor of pediatric surgery and congenital malformations at the University of Alexandria Medical School, said the hospital received a swollen swelling child caused by congenital deformities in nerve cells from birth.

He added to Masrawi on Sunday night that the child underwent urgent surgery during which the abnormal colon was eliminated and amounted to about 30×30, weighing about 3kg, and the test showed that the small part free of nerve cells is an indication congenital dysplasia of the child Birth while it could be detected early.

She said that this type of condition should be diagnosed from birth, and sometimes during pregnancy, according to recent findings, and whether the presence of congenital nerve cell deformities requires surgical intervention at the age of less than one year.

He has pointed out that the presence of symptoms can help families diagnose the early imbalance, which is the occurrence of problems in the production process in children, noting that the impact of constipation is a medical problem at all stages of childhood birth and at different ages, but diagnosis is not always true.

He points out that there are different reasons for children with constipation, including drug and nutrition and education and training, including genetic defects in the absence of nerve cells in the colon or bowel, what should be diagnosed early for surgery at the appropriate age and age.

As for all cases and problems of production, as required only with medication or enema treatment, the head of the surgical team that this concept of some doctors treated may lead to the loss of the possibility of surgical intervention on time, noting that the high rate of inaccurate diagnosis leads to occurrence Complications can get to death.

He stressed that the lack of information and family education about the problems and nature of the production process in children can lead – along with the lack of diagnostic skills and expertise – to the stage of the disease.

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