Wednesday , January 20 2021

Jobs for foreign engineers in Jizan and "Ministry of Labor" is attached!

Jazan Ahmed Al-Qunfhadi, Jazan Ahmed Al-Qunfhadi, director of the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, revealed the details of a Twitter ad, asking engineers to work on King Abdullah International Airport in Jizan, explaining the details of the announcement.

"The image of the advertisement is not issued by an organization or a company but by an e-mail whose source or holder we do not know and the information contained therein is not reasonable either with the amount of salary or the nature of the required professions, "hedgehog said in a tweet via his Twitter account. Simple after the Secretariat was shut down for a long time, the company is currently dealing with landfills. "

He added: "However, the Inspection Director was aiming to verify the matter by communicating with the company that was awarded the project and managing Jazan Airport."

"The company's management in the region has confirmed that the announcement was wrong, that the company is committed to approved work systems and that they are hired on a regular basis via their headquarters in Riyadh. The company will attract Saudis to work on the project after the completion of the settlement and the landfill site ".

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