Wednesday , August 4 2021

Effective way of preventing heart attacks!

Heart attack

American scientists have confirmed the benefit of a drug derived from fish oil, the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Science Alert published the results of November 12 in a recent US study in which researchers confirmed the efficacy of fish oil produced in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

More than 8,000 volunteers participated in the study, divided into two groups: the first one ate tablets containing omega-3 fatty acids while the second group took placebo tablets.

The results showed that volunteers in the first group significantly reduced the risk of death from strokes and strokes.

A second study by scientists of 26,000 volunteers over a five-year period showed that people who ate at least one and a half servings of fish per week or omega-3 also had lower rates of heart attacks and strokes.

Medicines obtained from fish oils such as omega-3s are safe and useful to avoid the risk of cardiovascular disease, and those who take them should continue to do so without side effects.

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