Baltic Fati silences and resorts to the persecution of those who described it as "Hucci"


The artist of Yemen Balqees Ahmed Fathi

The artist of Yemen Balqees Ahmed Fathi

After her patience, the artist Balqees Ahmed Fathi decided to move to the judicial and legal solution against some of the recruits who described it as "Houthi" through social networking sites repeatedly.

"In the name of God, the most polite and honest, we are launching a campaign of rehabilitation of extremist ideologists," he said. The racist, the moral perpetrator and hate .. For years silent and Vttrj and they say amnesty when laws can be developed by states to get the rights and the spread of respect .. He received "Huthia" and replied to someone who said the truth "Huthia" and today I raise the case.

Valkis added that this time she would not give up, because throughout her previous concession she offered to continue harassing her and harassing her with words that spread to hatred and racism and spread rumors and false news.

On the other hand, Bilqis Fathi recently canceled her concert, which was to be held in Russia on the Tchaikovsky scene, after suffering a health problem that affected her voice due to the different climate.


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