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8 questions and answers about the Amalah Rivera Middle East project in Tabuk

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The secretary of the two shrines, King Salman bin Abdullah al-Saut, received today in Tampu, in the presence of Prince of Wales Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdullahidz, senior vice-president of the government, defense minister and chairman of the founding board of the Amala program. Managing Director of Amala.
During the reception, the guardian of the two holy mosques informed the ministers about the project, which represents the first works in his sanctuary, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, and his economic and developmental goals.
"Citizen"The following are the top 8 questions and answers to the Amala Project, which experts describe as Rivera Middle East.

1. How does Amala match the expectations of Vision 2030?

Amal will be a major driver for foreign direct foreign investment, a catalyst for economic growth and job creation on the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia, in line with the 2030 vision, while promoting cultural preservation, environmental conservation and sustainability.

Amala is expected to offer approximately 22,000 jobs in hospitality, tourism, leisure and retail, as well as in construction and sub-industry opportunities.

2. What distinguishes the hopes of other major projects?

Amala is a deluxe tourist destination on the Red Sea coast, aiming to establish a completely new concept of luxury tourism that focuses on recovery, health and healing and offers quality and exclusive services to the best international standards in an area. Amala will provide services and services to guests to shape their own luxury experience. It will celebrate the arts, culture, fashion, health and sports, offering every visitor a customized lifestyle of his choice.

The Amala project is part of the Red Sea Group, which includes the Newum and Red Sea projects. All Red Sea projects are designed to complement each other, covering the needs of different customer segments through its diverse offerings and, of course, its future commercial and industrial areas.

3. What makes him a strong competitor in other entertainment destinations?

Offering a perfect ambience and a mild climate all year round, Amal Hotel is centrally located between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. It is expected to contribute to the development of the concept of luxury at an unprecedented level by providing a series of unique modern experiences.

Amala has three main pillars: health, recovery, sports, art and culture, sea, sun and lifestyle. Each of these pillars develops according to world-class standards that attract visitors from all over the world.

The Amala has a variety of cultural heritage and natural offerings, allowing visitors to visit stunning historic sites such as Madain Saleh and Al Ola, in addition to exploring the unique Red Sea coral reefs, one of the oldest ecosystems in the world that still has its natural beauty.

4. Who are Destination Guests?

Amala is expected to be a destination for visitors from all over the world and a destination destination for travelers looking for a luxurious travel experience that focuses on recovery, health and treatment by GCC and others, given the easy access, unique and serene position, of exclusive and varied choices. The project will be a marina to attract cruises throughout the year, making it the ideal destination for cruise lovers. In addition, Amala offers personalized choices tailored to the tastes of each visitor. We expect this destination to contribute to the interior tourism of the Kingdom, especially with the ongoing efforts of Vision 2030 in this area.

5. Do travelers looking for luxury travel experience prefer not to visit other destinations?

Amala will not be an option for travelers looking for luxurious tourist experiences, especially in tourism that focuses on recovery, health and healing, but will become and will remain the first choice. The project is characterized by its location and its climate, which makes it an ideal destination for holidays.

Amala will become a new destination for travelers looking for a luxurious experience that combines health, recreation, sports, nature, cultural heritage, lifestyle, arts and culture.

6. How does the Public Investment Fund intend to invest in the project?

The Public Investment Fund will secure the initial financing of the project and develop it into a luxurious hospitality experience in the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Nature Reserve. Private sector companies and investors will then be able to invest in the rest of the project and exploit its facilities.

7. How will the project affect the fragile ecosystem of coral reefs in the Red Sea?

During the strategic planning phases of the project, we have sought to develop and operate escorts and resorts to ensure the conservation of the natural environment of the area.

Emphasis will be placed on the priority of sustainability in the implementation of the project and on finding innovative environmentally friendly solutions such as sustainable agriculture, solar energy production and other benefits that will not threaten the ecosystem of the region.

8. How Amala is and how many units are expected to be included?

The Amala project will be deployed in three locations in the Prince Mohammed bin Salman nature reserve on the northwest coast of Saudi Arabia. The project will exceed 3.800 square kilometers. Until 2028, the project aims to create 2,500 luxury hotel rooms and suites, 700 villas and apartments, 200 sophisticated shops, a series of exclusive exhibitions, showrooms, handicraft workshops and specialized retail outlets all supported by a wide range of international and local restaurants and cafeterias Distinguished.

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