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WADA to discuss the fulfillment of Russian conditions for the restoration of RUSADA – Sports

BAKU, November 15th. / Tass /. The World Anti-Doping Organization (WADA) Council of WADA will hold a meeting in Baku to discuss some issues related to improving the fight against doping in sport and the forthcoming organization. For Russia, the most important issue will be the agenda on the country's compliance with the conditions for rehabilitation of the Russian Organization Against Drug Addiction (RUSADA).

The meeting in the capital of Azerbaijan will take place on November 15th. The Founding Council is the supreme governing body of the WADA, whose premises are equally distributed between sports representatives and states. It is made up of 38 people, led by Craig Reedy, WADA spokesman for the Scottish sports community. His first deputy is the Norwegian government minister Linda Hilleland.

On the eve of the meeting of the founders' council, the Executive Committee of WADA met, in which the main topic of the discussion was the election of the new president of the organization, scheduled for 7 November 2019. Hilleland has already expressed a desire to fight for this position, competition is going to be made by the Polish Sports Minister Witold Bank.

Earlier in November, a press release appeared in the press that highlighted WADA's intention to impose age limits on presidential candidates, which would exclude 41-year-old Hilleland and 35-year-old Bankers, but the agency later said. In order not to escalate the situation around the upcoming elections, the Executive Committee will submit a regulation for the approval of the founders' council to ensure the transparency and fairness of the upcoming elections. It is likely that countries will determine a unified presidential candidate before the vote.

Regarding the question of Russian fulfillment of the conditions for the restoration of RUSADA, no new information was submitted to the Executive Committee. Participants once again noted that according to the decision of the WADA Executive Committee on September 20, Russia should provide the organization's experts with access to the basic analytical data of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory by the end of the year. In addition, by 30 June 2019, all suspicious doping tests stored in Moscow should be re-examined. Perhaps the details of the negotiation process will be announced during the board of the founders' council, and the corresponding issue is on the agenda.

If the WADA conditions are not met, Russian sports will face serious challenges as it will fall under the rules of the new Anti-Doping Code. WADA will exclude the possibility for athletes to pass doping control in Russia, and foreign companies will not be able to take samples. In addition, Russian athletes may be denied the right to compete in international competitions. The board of WADA founders will also discuss the agency's budget for the coming year, new doping testing standards and anti-doping laboratories, and compliance with the code of anti-doping organizations in other countries.

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