Wednesday , March 3 2021

The Chief of the Initial Forces announced the transfer of the modernized T-72 to the army :: Politics :: RBC

Upgraded enhanced T-72B3M protection began entering the army, General Colonel Oleg Salyukov, chief commander of the Land Forces, told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper in an interview with the newspaper.

According to him, advanced BMP-3 infantry vehicles and armored personnel carriers BTR-82A are also delivered to infantry and tanks. "Reconstruction is quite intense," Salukov said, adding that more than 2.2 thousand modern weapons and military equipment had been handed over to troops since the beginning of the year. We are talking about the Buk-M3 anti-aircraft rocket systems, Arc-M2 SAM arctic modifications and Tornado-G multiple launch rocket systems.

Sallukov noted that experts are developing a "Derivation-Air Defense" anti-aircraft system with a 57 mm cannon to combat aircraft. Work on the new artillery complexes "Coalition-SV" and "Sketch" is also completed.

President Vladimir Putin, in a message to the Federal Assembly in March, said more than 300 new types of military equipment and 80 of the last intercontinental ballistic missiles were put into operation with the Russian army. Also, the army delivered 100 missiles for submarines and three new submarines of the Borey project. In addition, 12 rocket regiments were fully equipped with Yars missile systems.

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