Sunday , November 29 2020

The biographer revealed the cause of Diana's unhappy expression of Princess Diana's face

Famous biographer Andrew Morton explained the reasons for the faint expression of the face and the low head of Princess Diana. According to him, for a long time she got used to the press's attention after her marriage, so that was shy.
Princess Diana has often appeared to the audience with her head down. In 1981, he married the heir to the British throne. Many girls dreamed of being in her place as she fell into real royal life. At the same time, Diana Spencer seemed thoughtful and sad, which caused many rumors about an unhappy marriage and problems in her life.

Biographer Andrew Morton said that Princess Diana was actually a very small and simple person. The excessive attention of the press forced her to lower her head at the sight of a large number of journalists and fans around her. He said the habit of the new role was difficult, being considered a member of the royal family after marriage.

Many fans of Princess Diana think she walked with her head down because of her large size. Looking at those around her, who were below her, seemed sad, for which her expression had changed.

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