Sunday , February 28 2021

Serovna met a girl who arrived in a wheelchair

Alexander Serov arrived in a wheelchair to meet his alleged daughter. Not long ago, the singer injured his foot, but that did not prevent him from appearing in the "let them talk" studio.

The subject of the conversation again became the personal life of a star. The fans have already been involved in the artist's numerous novels because he initially had an illegitimate daughter whom she refused to recognize, and later Daria Druzheik said about the relationship with the singer and the pregnancy from him. . The girl from the orphanage assured herself that she was the popular artist who was her real father.

Alexander Serov focused on the star case "House-2" and beat her

Naturally, Irina's revelations did not cause positive emotions to everyone. Some fans concluded that the girl decided to redeem the scandal issue. But Serov, the supposed heir, immediately made a good impression. Now they managed to meet in the studio program and talk.

"I just liked Irina, it's obvious that a person just wants to know his roots and not use my name, and he immediately felt she was a clever, educated girl." In principle, I'm ready to go to research In the late 70s I really worked really in Kiev, I traveled all over Ukraine together with the band Svityaz We were in all the locations near Kiev, in the capital of Ukraine I was constantly working. So someone known could have happened in Kiev, d I totally refuse it, "said the musician.

Earlier, Vesti reported that Alexander Serov wrote a statement to the probe committee of the Russian Federation against a star accused of rape. It was also known that Alexander Serov's pregnant mistress was hospitalized after a public scandal.

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