Friday , May 14 2021

Russian Football Championship (RPL)

Matvey Safonov

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Former Krasnodar sports manager Alexei Zinin said that in the past Fiorentina had offered 1 million euros for the transfer of the bull goalkeeper Matvey Safonov.

– My favorite goalkeeper in Krasnodar Motya Safonov, at the age of 19, had already sat for a year and a half on the bench. And helped his native team get to the top of the Europa League team. By the way, Safonov is talented, he was two of the top 100 new football players in the world and Fiorentina gave him 1 million euros, "Zinin writes on Twitter.

19-year-old Safonov saved the Krasnodar gates several times in a game at the home of the 4th round of the Europa League group's match with Standard (2: 1). Due to this success, the Russian club reached the points with Sevilla and topped the group J ranking after four rounds.

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