Wednesday , August 4 2021

Researchers are detained and. a Chief Medical Officer of the Kaliningrad Maternity Hospital after the Death of a Child – Events

CALININGRAND, November 15. / Tass /. The researchers held the head of one of Kaliningrad's maternity hospitals, suspected of misuse of power. As reported on Thursday at the site of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation's Survey Committee in the Kaliningrad region, and. The treating physician has instructed staff not to provide the newborn with an expensive drug that was necessary for his life.

"The suspect is detained and questioned, in the near future the investigation intends to decide on the election of a precautionary measure against her," the report said. A criminal case was brought against the prisoner in accordance with the Article of the Penal Code of the Russian Federation "Exceeding official powers".

According to the survey, on 6 November 2018, in one of Kaliningrad's mothers, a woman was born to a boy who, with medical evidence, needed an expensive medicine to preserve his life. The prisoner ordered the subordinates to take all possible measures to prevent the child from surviving, explaining his position with the high cost of the drug. On the same day, the child died in the maternity hospital. In order to avoid criminal liability, the prisoner ordered the medical staff to make in the history of work deliberately false information that the child was born dead.

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