Thursday , January 21 2021

Putin responded to oil workers' demands for higher gas prices


Russian companies should not use the leap in oil prices to gain profits in the domestic market. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in a meeting with members of the government. The head of state noted that the situation with the prices of petroleum products should be a market.

"We understand that the situation should definitely be a market, it is, but when prices have risen and duly increased on the world oil market, it does not mean we have to secure the same super profit in the country. In one way or another, this sphere needs to be regulated, "the Russian president said at a meeting at Moscow's Moscow residence in Novo-Ogaryov.

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said the situation on the fuel market in Russia has stabilized and prices will not change until the end of March. According to him, the oil companies that have signed the agreement comply with the accepted obligations. It is also likely that by the end of the year similar agreements will be reached with independent gas station networks in the regions.

According to Rosstat, gasoline prices last week continued to rise, despite the agreement between the Russian government and the oil companies.

At the end of spring, after a sharp increase in gasoline prices, authorities lowered excise duties and agreed with oil companies to freeze prices. In September, fuel costs started rising again. Despite oil companies' requests to raise prices, authorities insisted on keeping prices at the level of May until the end of this year. Gas stations have begun to cancel discounts on corporate customers on fuel cards.

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