Saturday , October 16 2021

Julia Dockalova said she would break up with her lover

At the end of the summer, the new novel by 37-year-old Yulia Naholava became known. The singer has repeatedly appeared in his chosen company at social events. Lovers were still scheduled to start a family, but in a recent interview, Nachalova admitted that she was again herself.

A few months ago, it was known that Yulia Nacolova's heart was not again free. The singer has repeatedly appeared in social events in the company of a nice man. As it turned out, Yulia's chosen ones were a certain Vickerslav, who works as a lawyer.

"The main event of this summer is that I once again found a good guy nearby," Yulia said in September. She also said that her new choice was well accepted not only by her daughter but also by former husband Yevgeny Aldonin: "I will say more – my young and my ex-husband know each other, they are not just friendly, they are just cured between them well. "

However, in a recent interview at, the singer reported that their relationship did not work. Nachalova admitted that she eventually had a time when she could be alone with her thoughts. "I'm in a relationship so many times that I'm no longer in a hurry to run in the registry office." Now I'm very neat about relationship issues. I'm wasted to someone who is not clear, "the artist said.

Yulia also added that she now concentrates her attention on the work and care of her relatives. "I absolutely do not regret that my previous relationship did not work, it seems to me that in the future I will definitely know my real half with which I will live until the end of the day. And everything else is totally unusual for me, "Nachalova said in a conversation with a correspondent.

Remember that in 2006 the actor married footballer Yevgeny Aldonin and was born to Vera's daughter. In 2011, the couple decided to leave. After that, Julia was in connection with hockey player Alexander Frelov for another five years.

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