In Chelyabinsk, officials commented on reports of a shortage of newborn tuberculosis vaccines.

This was OTP recently declared resident Chelyabinsk Victoria Suvorova who gave birth to a child. According to her, in the maternity hospital, from which she was fired earlier, she did not receive a tuberculosis vaccine, which should be given to the infant 3-7 days after birth.

"On October 23, I was relieved from the maternity hospital and told me that" I will vaccinate when there is a vaccine in the area. The regional pediatrician will notify you and you will get the vaccine in the vaccination room, "Suvorova complained.

Olga Yavorskaya, head of the Department of Disease Prevention and Healthy Lifestyle Development at the Chelyabinsk Ministry of Health, commented on the woman who said that this vaccine is in the city's hospitals and polyclinics: "Pediatricians also confirm that there was no vaccine in children clinic. Now he has entered and everyone who needs to be vaccinated will be assigned to them. According to doctors, the mothers themselves never encountered this problem in them. "