Monday , October 25 2021

Friends of legendary Spice girls collapsed ticket sales websites – URA.RU


More than 700,000 people lined up to get to the concertPhoto: Wikipedia

Friends of Spice Girls, who announced her reunion, are looking forward to the legendary "pepper" concert. More than 700,000 people are lined up to buy tickets. Due to the Internet hurry, ticket venues could not burden the cargo and ceased to operate

Director of the British branch of American Ticketmaster, Andrew Parsons, said ticket demand is just out of scale. In a matter of minutes, hundreds of thousands of concert tickets were sold in the UK, the Press Association said.

We are looking forward to the Girls Spice concert in Russia. Star of "Real Kids" Zoya Berber is generally ready to replace Victoria Beckham in the music group. "They told me that I was one of the #spicegirls! This is the best compliment! They just announced a tour in the UK and they do not go to Vicky I'm ready, love, I will be the fifth pepper in Spice Girls," wrote Berber in the official Instagram page.

Earlier, "URA.RU" reported that the British pop group Spice Girls announced her reunification. The members of the legendary band of the 1990s designed a tour in the UK that will start in the summer of 2019. The Spice Girls team has been popular since the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. The group consisted of Victor Adam (Beckham), Jerry Halleluju, Ema Bouton, Ink Brown and Melanie Chiolm. After a while, each of the singers started a solo work. The participants reunited several times for a short time to make individual speeches and tours.

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