Friday , February 26 2021

Xiaomi strengthens her phone portfolio with Meite, a series of exclusive selfie devices

The Meite brand is not known in Europe, but China is one of the pioneers of selfie. The company runs smartphones specifically tailored to self-dependent "addicted" and related software, including AI-controlled filters and advanced ornamental ways. It seems that this kind of business is not very successful and Xiaomi has come to save this brand by taking on all of the company's hardware.

In fact, the Meite brand will not disappear, but its phones will now be built by Xiaomi 100%, probably adapting its usual designs to the needs of self-portraits fans. As Mi Home stores are present all over the world, there are few reasons Xiaomi will not try to sell its new Meite phones to locations other than China.

According to the latest sales reports, the Meite brand managed to sell only 3.5 million units in the last 5 years, a figure that Xiaomi records only in Europe in less than three months, a market that is not even at the top of the 3 "smartphone.

Understanding between Meitu and Xiaomi works in a way that is not entirely normal. Unlike other similar situations, when a company buys or licenses a trademark for a fixed amount, Meitu will receive a percentage of the winnings of the models that bears its name for the launch. After five years or when it arrives at an unspecified sales record, Meitu will begin to receive a fixed amount per unit sold.

Of course, Meitu will continue to work for his beauty software, which will definitely remain exclusively on phones that bear his name. The company also appears to enhance its presence in social media, where it already offers a pre-installed service to each device.

For those who remember, Meite is the company behind an anime app that became very popular almost two years ago, but it gathered more information than it should for something so simple.

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