Saturday , September 25 2021

Unique moments with Delia in the first show "Acadelia" & bout. Sister & party; her mother and granddaughter are on stage & abreve.

A display of height from all angles! This can be said for the first night of the concert "Acadelia" when the audience of the palace hall could see the work of Delia and her team in recent months.

A scene transformed into a sweet recipe, a hall full of recipe, stunning choreographers, perfectly synchronized dancers, exciting costumes, and an artist who once again demonstrated that such appearances can also take place in Romania.

Delia opened the series of concerts in Sala Palatului this autumn with her latest track "Acadele". On the stage the dancers appeared in a huge cake and the audience was surprised when in the middle of it appeared acrobats and giants in stilts, strongly colored and energetic. Several cakes took their flight on the stage, got up in the air with the help of the aircraft.

One of the most exciting moments of the evening before Delia spoke sincerely about her childhood and the losses she experienced with her maturity was the duet with her sister Oana for "Who Made Me a Great Man".

During his time, Delia gently caresss her sister's belly with her second child and at the end of the show, Mother of Two, in her arms with her granddaughter, Delia, Jessie. The three generations of women received applause, and Delta, a long moving embrace of her mother.

Also last night, Delia sang part of the song "Your mouth", suspended at a height of 7 meters. Curious, Delia turns in the air many times and the whole artistic moment does not go out perfectly, but she leaves the room with her breath. Some delusions at the end of the song "Go Me" made the artist disappear from the stage … as if she was amazed at the duration of the "Yes, Mom" ​​project, Delia seemed "oppressed" by the huge pillow that hit.

There were also special guests with whom Delia presented the songs "I Want to Cry" and "Come to Me" and Grasu XXL, which released "Despablito" one of the blows this summer. Throughout the show, Delia has delivered many messages that encourage the audience to live their lives as they wish, regardless of rules and rules.

The artist, known as the gourmet, completed the show with the following words: "Eat as much as you want, ladies, put yourself in! You are right!"

In addition to the stunning artistic performance of Delia and all those involved in the music story that was mentioned on stage, Acadelia's glow was also featured by high-power laser machines, 130 square meters of LEDs and the 300 bright lighting devices.

Light and shadow games, 3D effects and graphics show themselves spectacular artistic moments. Everything respected the concept of the performance, including comets, which were in the form of lollipops.

Delia continues the series of "Acadelia" concerts in Sala Palatului on 15 and 16 November with new surprises in front of new viewers who want to see her. Tickets were exhausted for both 15 and 16 November.

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