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The useless salt

We like, we do not like to admit that the so-called Derby of Romania played on Sunday was the weakest late.

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Monday, November 12, 2018, 4:11

He did not feel tension, anguish. He played slow, gloomy, with some phases of play. In empty and fewer cases, one in the first half, when D. Popa repeated his head beside the Buggardean gate. The proportion of stitches at the gate speaks for itself: only 2 to 2!

He will say there are two goals scored, that there was a miscarriage, Gnohere sent to the dressing room (52) after a hard foul over Cooper, even in the center of the court! A kick with the knee applied to the kidney area, right referee referee Istvan Kovacs to show "Bison" the red card in the first. Indeed, to return, two goals scored but none of the actions. One directly from the penalty, the second after 11 meters executed without the same Gnohere. In both cases, the "central" was whispered correctly and quickly.

Undoubtedly, the poor state of the field, close to cement in the yard of the school, has badly affected the evolution of the players. On the one hand, Salomao and Nistor (who were injured), R. Benzar and Planici felt for themselves. Logically, most technical footballers, like Moruţan and man, could not express the world from the same cause. A playful, classic surface.

Unfortunately, the problem is not dated yesterday, today. But it seems that the lawn has not been resolved from the country's largest stadium, or what should be a lawn when it comes with a beach when with a grocery store when it was shot! In Paris, for example, the management of the "mammoth" in Saint-Denis (80,000 seats), which hosted the finals of the 1998 World Cup, established a consortium, the Stade de France Consortium. He answers what's going on there and is bankrupt if things do not go right.

Tolerances, partly unconscious, left the National Arena in the hands of the City Hall, which has always proved to be incompetent. Sure, even this sad incident ?! It will not change anything. We will continue to live, as in the history of Ion Creege, with the straw of salt above his head. But let me remind you that this story is called human humiliation.

Otherwise, tie 1-1 should ignore Dinamo, the most active, more stubborn band. It is true, given the absence of several red-blue and, of course, numerical superiority in the second half. It is becoming increasingly clear that the arrival of Rednic has revived the team. She took it out of numbness, mobilized her. So I saw that neither Gomelt nor Sg. Popovici is not as rude as Hanca and Salomao are so comfortable. I tend to think that Dinamo has a real chance of catching the play-off.

I can not repeat what excuse I can invoke with the FCSB, absences, extermination etc. Why was he deceived even on Sunday. However, it is difficult to ask for more about a flange in which the first best man is called Teixeira and turned 38! Some of the others seem to work the beginning of the races, the sheet goes, and the leaders of the teams were the man and Moruţan, almost quasi-figurines. With such a low stand, it will be difficult to win the championship. Very hard, even impossible.

Finally, a word of praise for Istvan Kovacs. As for the public, the arbitration was above the average and sometimes the boring level of the game.

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