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The daughter of Edith Gonzalez sang to her mother in the last moments of her life a song

Her brother Edith Gonzalez revealed on a television show that his daughter at the death of the death sang a song to his mother. Together with his cousin, Edith's daughter sang until her mother died.

We remind you that Edith Gonzalez died after the family decided to disconnect her from the devices that kept her alive.

"My sister fell asleep in the song her daughters played, and she considers her daughter as her daughter."

The revelation was done with tears from the artist's brother.

We remind you: Edith Gonzalez died:

Actor of the soap opera Edith Gonzalez died at the age of 54 after being diagnosed with a form of cancer.

In August 2016, Mexican actor Edith Gonzalez was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Her condition was extremely severe, as the star was going through a total hysterectomy and a chemotherapy session. Due to aggressive treatment, Edith Gonzalez fell into her hair. But recently it seemed to recover.

UPDATE – 50% of women are at risk of suffering from the disease that killed Edith Gonzalez. What are her signs?

UPDATE – The illness of Edith Gonzales. He died "quiet"

The illness of Edith Gonzalez. Akrita died on June 13th

We will come back in detail

What was Edith Gonzalez?

The illness of Edith Gonzalez. Akrita died on June 13th

The illness of Edith Gonzalez. Akrita died on June 13th

Edith González was born on 10 December 1964. She is the daughter of Efrain González, a business accountant. The first steps in the scene are guided by him. In fact, her childhood was in front of the cameras.

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Just five years later, Edith begins his artistic career by combining his artistic career with participation in television programs with primary education.

Just 4 years starts on soap opera "Cosa juzgada ", and in 5 years, watching the program live Siempre en Domingo, the camera surprised her face, making it possible to observe Rafael Baledon and Martha Roth, actresses looking for a blonde girl. Soon they were incorporated into the program they had recorded at that time.

At the age of eight, Edith already starred in the movie "El rey de las gorillas€ – "and only 13 years, knows the taste of success with the role of"Los ricos también lloran(And the rich cry), where he plays along with the already famous Verona Castro.

In 1993 her career exploded with the role of "Wild Heart / Corazon Salvaje", where she is a partner of the late Eduardo Palomo. Although initially she was tempted to deny her role, her brother persuaded her to accept. "Wild Heart / Corazon Salvaje" – becoming the most favorite soap opera of all time, and Edith's celebrity crosses the world.

She was Carmen Salinas' first Aventurera in 1998, where she gave life to a light, seductive and possessive woman.

In 1999, after his role in "Love Knows", Edith broke off his career by going to Paris to study ballet and French. In fact, studies were very important for Edith, one of the few actors he studied at the Los Strasberg Institute in Los Angeles and at the Sorbonne University in Paris. In 2001, Salome recovers another remarkable role at Salome. Success smiles this time and soap opera reaches over 20 countries around the world.

After rejecting other roles in dozens of soap operas, Edith plays a new role in The Curled Forest / Mujer de Madera (2004). During the filming she decides to become pregnant and leaves the plaque, leaving her role as the "heritage" of actress Ana Patricia Rojo.

Her little girl, Constanza, was born on August 17, 2004, and her father's identity remained unknown for a while. It was later discovered that he was named Santiago Creel and is a close friend of the actor.

In 2006, Edith returned with a negative role to the Mundo de fieras soap opera, playing with Gaby Espino and Michelle Vieth.

On November 19, 2007, after a short visit to Romania, he was shot for Home TV on the Gypsy Heart (production of Mediapro Pictures), playing the role of a famous producer coming to Romania to learn about the customs and traditions of the Gypsies .

In the autumn-winter 2007, Edith came up with a new work – soap opera "Palabra de mujer ", the latest production of Jose Alberto Castro, which was announced as a great success. In May 2008 Edith returns to the big screen through the romantic comedy "Deseo" starring Christian Bach and Paola Núñez. For this film, Edith sings her blonde hair on brown hair. In 2008, Televisa is "borrowed" by Telemundo Columbia, where he turns the so-called "Dona Barbara," playing the role of protagonist, having as partner Christian Meier. Telenovela has been a real success in all countries where it has been broadcast, so in 2009 Edith is being televised again by Televisa on a new "Cameleones" soap opera. Also in 2009 he brings Edith the leading role in the television series "Mujeres asesinas," season 2, in the first episode of Clara Fantasiosa.

In 2010, Edith attended the premiere of the "Buona noche, mother" project. In the autumn of this year, Edith interrupted the contract with Televisa, signing with Azteca TV. From the following year (2011), Edith took part in filming Cielo Rojo soap with Mauricio Islas, starring Mauricio in 2012 at Los Arboles mueren de Pie.

In 2013, Vivir a Destiempo starred opposite Humberto Zurita and Fumazoni and today (2014) returns with Mauricio Islas and Saul Lizaso to a new Las Bravo (TV Azteca) soap opera.

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