Thursday , April 15 2021

Samsung announced the foldable Infinity-Flex screen phone

This is Samsung's first foldable smartphone equipped with the revolutionary Infinity-Flex screen.

The company preferred to show the full design of the phone in its presentation at the Samsung Developer conference in San Francisco, but showed more than expected. The edges of the phone were covered with a thick, square case.

The Samsung phone will be equipped with two screens, one on the outside and one on the inside, which will make it easier to use the tablet device. The company has confirmed that it is ready to build the device on a large scale, as the screens are almost ready for mass production.

The device has a 7.3-inch screen that works as a tablet mode. You can run up to three applications at a time in a function called Multi Active Window on the big screen surface, very differently to what Apple does on iPad. Applications activated on the external "phone" screen will automatically continue to the largest inside.

Application developers will receive an emulator for this device, which will guarantee the current software when you boot the device.

A Google spokesman stepped into the Samsung scene to confirm that the Android operating system will provide official follow-up support between the handset and tablet mode for folding devices.

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