Thursday , August 5 2021

Report on the Establishment of a Department of Vascular Surgery at the Târgu Jiu Emergency Hospital

An application for the creation of a Department of Vascular Surgery at the Emergency Hospital of Targu Jiu was launched in the online environment. The report was initiated by Assis. Pan. Dr. Mircea Ionut Popitiu, vascular and intravascular surgeon: "We consider it useful to create a Department of Vascular Surgery at the Emergency Hospital Târgu Jiu, because the vascular patients in the area deserve the right to life, a life without amputation!

Vascular surgery is the surgical specialty that deals with the treatment of vascular disorders, which may be arterial, venous or lymphatic. The unique vessels not approaching this specialty are those of the brain and the heart. Primary medical condition is peripheral arterial disease, a direct result of atherosclerosis. It is a growing disease, affecting about 20% of the adult population over 65 years of age. Depending on the progression and severity of the disease, it may become void, resulting in amputation or even death. For these reasons, the main purpose of vascular surgery is to save the lower limbs and reduce the number of significant amputations, "said the electronic report, which is already supported by dozens of canyons.

The patients in Târgu Jiu, carrying more than 200 kilometers away

The vascular system disorders are varied and the consequences are the most serious. Gorj patients are transported over 200 km for treatment. "Another common condition is carotid disease, also a consequence of atherosclerosis, manifested in carotid arteries. One of the most important complications of a carotid disease without treatment is stroke, a serious event that significantly alters the quality of life, or can An important chapter of vascular surgery is aneurysm disease, mainly aneurysm of the abdominal aorta. In the absence of appropriate treatment, this condition has a strong evolutionary potential, ychna leads to death. Vascular surgery also deals with the treatment of peripheral venous and lymphatic diseases. Although seemingly less severe, venous and lymphatic disorders result in serious complications, which are a major source of discomfort and altered quality of life.

The vascular patient is a fragile, generally elderly, multiple-linked pathology, requiring a multidisciplinary approach: cardiac, neurological, nephrologic, diabetic and subsequent postoperative intensive care. Also, the complexity of defective tissues to be treated closely links vascular surgery with other surgical specialties: general surgery, plastic and surgery, orthopedics. Patients with vascular problems in Târgu Jiu and adjacent areas are sent at least 200 kilometers away to heal and spend a lot of time that can lead to amputation or even death of patients, "the online report says.

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