Monday , October 25 2021

Nobody ever comes up with the BOMB statement that blew the showbiz world! What Andreea Marin mentioned about Ştefan Bănică and Andreea Esca


Few people remember the incredible statement of Andreea Marin some years ago.

In 2010, many people saw the unbelievable statement of Andreea Marin, who was then married to young Stefan Bănica, whom she married in 2006.

Andreea Marin was present in a prank show, filmed as postage. The presenter did well in the new role and many were not the ones who understood who she was, so Andreea Marin took advantage of the situation and began gossiping with the older ladies she met on the road, writes

One of them said, "If Banica was good, stay in Rudoulousea." Following this statement, Andreea Marin said:

"Banica can still get her wife Esca, but she is stable, has a family," overturned "the surprising fairy."

In her interview, Andreea Marin spoke of her relationship with Stephen Banica after the divorce. She confessed that she did her best to make her girl's life easier and more beautiful, even if she did not live with her father.

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