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Kirby "hit" again: "You are slander and your hat seems ridiculous." The Australian, nervous pack: "You are stupid, shameful!"

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Nikos Kyrgiou (39th ATP) has repeatedly proved to be a tennis rebel. At Tour de la London, Australian 24-year-old "got back to the show" and scandal two matches played the same day.

First, he defeated him Roberto Carballes Baena (26-year-old 72th ATP), 7-6, 6-3, and won the eighth place. The Australian scandal has been taken by the referee Fergus Murphy and accused him of handling the fight after giving him a point to his opponent.

In the first set, Kyorgios accused many of his opponent's balls not having caught the ground and upset the decisions. His nerves have "boiled" after a point given to his opponent on 5-4. It was the moment when he fired referee Fergus Murphy for the rest of the match.

"The ball was off, it could not have been anything more!" "What are you doing;" "Was not it the second job?", shouted Kyorgios, who received a warning, but nothing stopped him: "It was out There's only one thing to do You're a sucker And your hat looks ridiculous Why do you wear it Not even the sun.

The referee again gave him a warning, but Kergios did not stop: "Do not talk to me I will not give a hundred percent if they handle the game What are you up there Seriously, what are you doing up there I refuse to play You talk nonsense No wonder why I do not try It's a double error I do not understand, it's a big joke".

Cyrzos: "This can not happen"

Then, during the fight, Kyorgios honestly applauded the referees when they said the balls were coming out of the field and told them several times: "cover your ink".

Also in the first tie-break set, the Australian said: "Suddenly!" "Absolutely shame!" "I'm stuck in the break tie when the set was ready a quarter of an hour ago."

Then Kergios called him "Funny" the referee then used words that were hard to reproduce and asked to speak with his supervisor, who came to the field in the second set: "20 people here say they've gone a long way Go and ask yourself they will not lie to you, they have no reason You can not really be that bad That shit can not happen Just asking the audience, being president and making no decisions , we were expecting a correction. "

Then Cynthos told his staff that he no longer wanted to play: "It's not funny, I do not laugh, it's really not funny"

At one point, Kyrgyzos stopped playing and went to look at the match in the neighboring field, wanting to prove that the other fight was upset.

Nikos Kyrgiou also claims the referee in the second match he played on the same day as Felix Auger-Aliassime

After the fight with Baena, Kyrgyzos played the second game on the same day, against Felix Auger-Aliassime, but was eliminated. He made a show in this fight. He was upset when he was photographed by a photographer and, throwing his nose in a towel, threw him in the direction of the photographer. Then there was the referee of the fight with Felix Auger-Aliassime, James Keothavong.

"You're dust, man, I'm over!", said Kyrgyios, who accused him of not seeing more balls that did not hit the ground. Because of this, the 24-year-old player was disturbed to one point and sent a ball out of the court. After the game, he also had many exchanges with journalists who used words that were hard to reproduce and finally explained what had happened.

"They do not know that I will never be the kind of person who accepts a mistake and does not say that, I do not think they are punished enough or punished enough if they make a bad decision, and you do not review the decision, that means you do not do the right thing. I think some of the decisions were scandalous today.

I do not think that at such a level we have to have referees who do not make good decisions. And I know what's going on. Nothing. I get a small hand on my shoulder. I do not receive any warnings or anything else about mistakes. What's the difference; If you are punished for violating the code, why are you not good because he had a terrible day in the chair?

Well there are hundreds of thousands of dollars in the game. It's not funny. They think it's a joke, because nothing happens after the game. No research or anything else. I think it's ridiculous. Why not get another ready-made president if the guy has a terrible day? "said the 24-year-old Australian at the end.

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