Saturday , July 24 2021

Ilie Năstase tames the name of her current girlfriend. "I feel it's my last love"

72-year-old Ilie Năstase lives for a few months a love affair with 42-year-old Ioanna Sihio, the one with whom he found peace after his separation from Brigitte.

The former big capillary tennis is so in love with Joanna that she decided to make a gesture that shows how much she keeps on it.

Ilie Năstase tames the name of his current life partner.

"I did a tattoo … It's very nice I went to a living room when I was in a friend in Monaco and promised to make one I feel it is my last love because there is no time for another 2-3. last.

When she came to Bucharest for the first time, I told her. It gives me the peace of mind that I did not have in the past. If you like someone, it does not matter the age ", Ilie Nastase said in Antena 1, Pro Sport said.

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