Tuesday , January 26 2021

How many golds are there on earth?

For thousands of years, gold is coveted and is considered special. It has been purchased, marketed and stored as wealth for generations around the world. Over the course of history, some 190,000 tons of gold have been exploited. To make a fantasy exercise, it would mean a 21.4 meter-long cube.

In addition, research shows that there are still about 54,000 tonnes of gold in the basement waiting to be exploited.

This metal is considered so valuable that, unlike other commodities, almost every ounce of gold available on earth is in the possession of man.

Of the total gold reserves, over 90,000 tons, almost half of the total, are used in the jewelery sector. There are private investments where 40,000 tons are used and the governments of the world have a total reserve of 32,000 tons of gold.

It is true that most of the gold is used to make jewelery, but there are many industries that use more or less this precious metal. We are talking about 27,000 tonnes here, and most of it goes to the IT industry. Electronic factories sometimes use up to 12% tonnes of annual exports.

It happens, however, that most of the gold used for gadgets will reach the dump. 7% of all gold exported over time is now in landfills. Disapproved with electronic products containing precious metals. And the amount of lost gold could increase in proportion to phone and tablet sales.

According to the World Gold Council, by the year 2025 there will be two million tons of electronics in landfills worldwide, all of them having smaller or larger quantities of gold and other valuable and rare materials.

Returning to gold reserves around the world, in addition to the unused 54,000 tonnes, it is estimated that there will be at least 20 million tonnes of gold dissolved in the sea. An enormous amount for which there is still no technology to be exported. Anyone who inventes it will be the ultimate alchemist.

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