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DOLIU in the cultural world of Cluj. ANTON TAYF, a well-known actor and director of the National Division.

Emblematic figure of the National Theater in Cluj, Anton Tauf (18 April 1946 – 20 November 2018) has served on the stage of Cluj for over forty-five years since graduating from the Bucharest Institute of Theater in the class of Beate Fredanov and Octavian Cotescu in 1968, he writes on the official website of the National Theater in Cluj.

Anton Tauf worked with great directors, starting with Vlad Mugur, who brought him to Somes immediately after graduating from the school and whose Saint Hamlet made a terrible Polonius. His collaborations continue with György Harag, Aureliu Manea, Mircea Marin, Alexa Visarion, Alexander Tato, Alexandra Dambia, Mona Tsirila, Anka Brandou, Tudor Lucan. But the longest and most successful road was together with the director Mihai Măniuţiu, under whose guidance memorable roles were born: Macbeth from Macbeth from Shakespeare, his Segisseur Life is a Dream by Calderón de la Barca, El din The asteroid sky over us by Catherine Oproiu, Chirică from The man with the cornet by George Ciprian, Petruchio din Improving slavery from Shakespeare, Mr. Jourdain Boursouadis gentleman by Molière, his professor lesson by Eugène Ionesco, Popa din Disruption of water by Lucian Blaga.

Part of the Antonis and Cleopatra from Shakespeare was highly acclaimed and Viktor Parson wrote at that time: "It is still the value of Mihai Maniutius to reveal Antonis Taouf as one of the most talented and important actors of his generation capable of supporting brilliantly and powerfully large roles complexity and range, such as Antonios, representing a top of his energetic creations made at the National Cluster. "Mihai Măniuţiu considered him" a romantic past through Shakespeare's tallest school, DELTA by passion and obsession clarity. The intensity of his gaze betrays a moving and serious thought, resistant to banality. The temperament of a fighter, with young brothers and a beating that requires enormous and durable extensions, Antonio Taouf loves the scene as he can love him from the danger and everything, putting him at risk, forcing you to live more intense, more gloomy: so strong that it absolutely needs coldness and restoration of clear thinking. Its features, like drowsiness, hidden under the sewing blush, but blatant when consumed by the role, are left to be deciphered only by those who know how to look with a certain intensity. The face of Antonio Taouf is the face of maturity itself. "

Composer Cornel Ţăranu, a friend of a lifetime, asked him to watch Ars Nova's performances, saying: "I owe some of the important moments of my music. I can not imagine what it will look like Songs without love or The nomadic songs, those written in the lyrics of Cezar Baltag, without the clear sound of his voice. The Sonnets of Eminescu, a poem by Matei Călinescu and the texts of Camil Petrescu for the Oratory violinist were the privileged moments of our last concert. "

A portrait for the actor and Justin Ceuca for many years, a literary secretary at the National Theater of Clzos: "Anton Tauf was the idealist. His attitude was that of the nobleman, which included an increased perspective of his being, his destiny Anton Tauf made a selection of the roles he proposed, and as far as I know he refused to play the role of cinema (…) He worked with directors with whom he had discovered affinities He had acquired exemplary professional discipline, unscrupulous self-esteem, religious status itas to art. He played after the show, always unhappy, deaf for congratulations. Rarely celebrated his success. He was always an artist, not a writer. I never thanked after a state stubbornly maintained his point. "

He directed the Classical National for a year (1992-1993) and the Municipal Theater in Baia Mare for seven years (1995-2002). He was not only content to work with directors with whom he had discovered affinities, but he had signed several performances. In love with Caragiale and Nichita Stanescu, melting the worlds of symbols to young people, to new "nodes and points". In fact, Nichita's poetry woke up, bringing to light a reassuring, exciting, exciting, wonderful poetry poetry.

Actor, director, professor, theater director – there were so many premises of the intricate personality that Anton Tauf was. In 2013 Gala UNITER, Anton Tauf received the All Activity Award. He sent a letter on the occasion: "I do not like the fact that I can not be present at the Romanian Theater's annual celebration but I am in a recovery program that includes a daily treatment consisting of walking with bare soles along the horizon , and sharp. That's what I'm doing. I go with bare soles to the edge. But, as always, I use the names of my great teachers, actresses Beate Fredanov and Octavian Cotescu. Like my star star, Nitya. Nitsita Stanescu.
I can not remind you, in front of you, the names of three queens who were kind enough to turn the bastards into working days on blessed Sundays: Silvia Gelan, Gina Patrici and Irina Petrescu. And because I want to be honest up to the end, I'm telling you that we were very keen to give me the prize for debut and not for all the activity. Blow My Hands, Good Night, Embrace All of You,

"Let it be mud and God accept his soul where the disabled are seated," he writes on the page of the National Theater in Cluj.

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