Sunday , January 17 2021

A well-known artist resigns from music due to ANAF

A well-known soloist has swallowed up because of ANAF's action, which is aimed at taxing the singer's income. Robert Gavrilescu is a person with severe disability in the wheelchair. He gets a pension for the illness he suffers, but the law forbids him from accumulating the pension with other income. So, in order to avoid losing his pension, Robert announced on his Facebook page that he left the song, although he is a very popular soloist: "Dear, due to the medical problems and the A.NAF decision, who wants to "clean" the world of waiters, I decided to give a 24-year career in the field of music. Unfortunately, in Romania, a person with a first-degree disability allowance can not accumulate a pension with other income, this privilege is provided only by the governors. I'm in the situation to choose a pension of 640 lei and other income … I chose the pension. The song is in religious places in Romania. (…) Thanks to my colleagues for the good song. (…). I love my life … MUSIC ".

Supported by grandmother to learn to sing

Robber plays from puberty and owes everything to his grandmother, who sold a cow to buy a performance instrument. "The job I taught as a shoemaker and shoemaker, I did not like it so much and I could not practice it, my grandmother gave me a toy instrument, because he saw he had musical slopes, and when I was young, I was singing to the musician. I played my instrument On the first day I got my game, I learned to play two songs From this game, my grandmother, seeing that I was going, selling a cow and bought me a professional body, my grandparents owed my launch everything at the age of 20, after t the first time in the house and the creation of a repertoire, I decided it was time to make this passion a profession, "says Robert. Robert remained paralyzed at nearly two years of age after a polio vaccine.

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