Thursday , August 22 2019
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Xbox "Project Scarlett" can be just a model and not two as promoted by rumors


After all, Microsoft's Project Scarlett could be just one console and not two more advanced in a few rumors, according to Phil Spencer, the senior manager of the Redmond Redbox's Xbox.

In an interview with Business Insider, Spencer said that "last year we said consoles, we put a console on the market, and we're analyzing another. I think that's plural."

Spencer was referring to the Xbox presentation on E3 2018, where Spencer himself mentioned – that Microsoft was working on various consoles.

If it is not clear, the console claimed by Phil Spencer that was released on the market during the Business Insider interview is Xbox One S.

The information now focused on Microsoft on a single console as part of Project Scarlett, the one that was present on the E3 2019, is confirmed by, a version that was the source of its original reputation.

As we will remember, the reputation mentioned the two consoles under the code name: Anaconda and Lockhart, respectively a stronger proposal and a cheaper one. Microsoft will focus on the most powerful model.

The new material will hit the market in the final stage of 2020 and will be in the Halo Infinite release series.

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