Saturday , May 15 2021

The House will meet with council, residents and petitioners due to Adamastor | Lisbon

On the one hand, those who defend the fence of Miradouro de Santa Catarina, the others who believe that Adamastor should be public again and afraid of the "social drainage" of this space. The rail hand between those who defend the fence and those who question the restrictions on access to Santa Catarina's view that Câmara de Lisboa intends to apply continues, which led the municipality to schedule a meeting for the following day In November, joining the Misericordia Parish Council, residents and petitioners who are against the fence. The announcement was made by Fernando Medina in the decentralized meeting at the UACS headquarters on Castilho Street, which involved listening to the residents of the Santa Maria Maior, Santo António and Misericórdia parishes.

Many residents used the time they needed to deal with the insecurity surrounding the castle, pointing to the constant harassment of tourists by drug dealers and the presence of drug traffickers who harassed tourists, who also reported attacks on tourists. residents. "This is the fear, the terror, where we have no peace or quiet," said a resident.

For Vigília Lopes, a resident of the Misericordia parish and a member of the A Voz do Bairro Residential Association, the fencing of the site has improved the environment there by moving some smugglers from this area. But for the citizen this measure is not enough. Lack of supervision. "The PSP is inadequate for such a large parish. There is no police," he said, indicating that drinking on the street should be banned by limiting the phenomenon bottle. The residents point out that, in addition to the streets filled with glass bottles, drinkers end up causing a lot of noise, interfering with the others who live there.

Misericórdia's parliamentary chairman, Carla Madeira, recognizes that the situation in this area has been "aggravated" year after year. And although he is not entirely convinced that the solution sought by local government – setting a timetable for access to the view and closing it at night – is the most appropriate, the mayor acknowledges that the site has stopped "junk and spirits" since it was banned.

Carla Madeira also stressed that residents must have "freedom to move on the street where they live without being disturbed by dealers, loud music."

Fernando Medina recognized Adastor as "more expression of violence, more aggression, more dirt," which is "an extreme case of imbalance between the quality of life of the residents and the night's enjoyment." And he admitted that the camera failed in terms of surveillance and street cleaning.

In order to mitigate the episodes described by the residents, Medina argued that a greater presence of the Public Security Police is needed, which should act in the "known nuclei of narcotics trafficking". On the table there is also the possibility of installing a surveillance camera in the neighborhood of Santa Catarina such as Bairro Alto.

Medina also stressed that "Adamastor's access to the community has never been and will not be called into question", insisting that the solution of the site, after the reconstruction of the green space has been completed, requires enforcement, for example, in the Garden of the Saints that closes at night. In the opinion of the Mayor of the capital, this is the "best solution" for balancing entertainment with other residents.

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