Sunday , May 16 2021

The "application" to meditate and promote mental health has over 30 million users

More than 30 million people use a mobile application for meditation, Headspace, which aims to put technology in the service of mental health, based on scientific validation and clinical studies developed by academic centers.

Megan Jones Bell, head of Headspace, was today at a conference at the Lisbon Summit Summit in Lisbon to promote the idea that everyone should have access to meditation as a way of protecting mental health and enhancing resilience. According to the official, the application has already exceeded 30 million users.

"The idea is to promote mental health before it becomes a problem," said Megan Jones Bell, noting that they are working in the United States and the United Kingdom to integrate meditation into health care.

"We have worked with many health professionals to find ways to integrate meditation and to promote it to patients with depression or even cancer patients," head of the Headspace application, who has already been scientifically ratified by the FDA, the US regulator.

In fact, for Megan Jones Bell, continuous scientific validation is necessary in an application designed to affect human health.

Headspace has developed over 60 clinical studies from academic centers to evaluate the impact of the application itself, which can help maximize its impact.

The application aims to help anyone to study, reminding the company that there are thousands of studies that have shown that meditation can have a positive impact on physical and mental health, reduce stress, increase concentration and promote good sleep nights.

A study by the application company will have shown that using Headspace for 10 days can reduce anxiety by 14% and reduce irritability by more than 25%.

According to the actual application available on mobile phones and other devices, meditation is not intended to transform an individual: "Meditation is not a different person, a new person, not even a better person. It is training in awareness-raising and healthy perspective Do not try to turn off thoughts or feelings Someone learns to observe them without judgment And finally one can understand them better.

The application, which was born half a decade ago, can be tested for free in its most basic version, but then requires subscription to continue with more sophisticated meditation and awareness programs.

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