Parents need to adapt directly to the São João Children's Hospital


The Pediatric Association of the São João Hospital protects the "direct adjustment" of the Pediatric College, warning that the government's planned public tender will be completed in "four, five, six or seven years".

"Nobody can guarantee a date, but as soon as the work starts, the sooner it is ready." Before April, the architect will not take over the project, then start work. the only way forward is to move forward, "said Jorge Pires, APOHSJ spokeswoman for pediatric oncology.

The father criticized childcare hospitalization in "cruel" containers at Porto's hospital, warning that a government-designed public tender "no one can estimate or tell a specific date if it lasts for months or years" to complete the Pediatric Hospital.

"We can talk for four, five, six or seven years," he warned.

This game is a blow: we see politicians saying "it was the other government, that was the government …" It has nothing to do with these wars, "he stressed.

"Every child and a sensitive part of cancerous children" is housed in temporary containers for seven years, in a hospital that welcomes children from the northern part of the country.

"Our struggle takes place as soon as possible, and the only way is direct adjustment."

"This association was created to go to the General Assembly of the Republic [AR] to work urgently, and our response, the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health are to "make a race, but we do not know the date," he complained.

Jorge Pires refers to the prime minister's statement on 24 October that the strengthening of the Ministry of Health's budget will allow "to move forward in the child wing" while the new minister of guardianship, Marta Temido, said there is still no time for the proceedings .

Jorge Pires acknowledges that he is creating a "real country movement" to participate in the elections, if necessary at the next parliamentary elections [em 2019] if the pediatric department does not move forward.
The intention is to "give an active voice to politics".

"Kids are still there, dying, others coming, people are unbelievers, we have a duty to change something," he said.

According to Jorge Pires, "7,500 signatures" are needed to create an electoral movement, "the simplest".

"In Portugal, people working in different sectors of activity talked to me about how they feel bad about their Portuguese policy," he said.

The father also recalls that in the Parliament, "the PS questioned the opposition to set up an exception system for the pediatric department of Sao Joao, but the PSD took the decision and rejected PS, BE and PCP."

In a two-day debate on AR in September 27, the parliamentary leader of the PSD, Fernando Negrão, accused the minister of "social insensitivity" that he did not move with the works and criticized the competition for completing the years.

Prime Minister António Costa disputes PSD to adopt a law authorizing the government to endorse the Court's approval and public procurement, enabling immediate start of the contract.

On October 19, the PSD adopted a resolution to the Government to "take the necessary measures and measures" to establish the pediatric department as soon as possible, PS, BE, PCP and PEV.

Parliament endorsed the draft resolution of the PCP, which calls for the Socialist leadership "to propose the construction of the new pediatric department in São João".


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