Friday , February 26 2021

OnePlus 5G will be 100 euros more expensive than OnePlus 6T

Next year, OnePlus will be presenting the world's first 5G smartphone. Recent information reveals that the next OnePlus 5G will not be the successor to OnePlus 6T, but it can come as something new. The report also revealed that the company's 5G phone will be more expensive than existing smartphones. Referring to information from industry sources, Fudzilla said the new 5G OnePlus mobile phone will cost more than 100 euros more than OnePlus 6T.

In fact, OnePlus 5G will cost another one hundred euros from OnePlus 6T

In the US, the OnePlus 6T smartphone has a starting price of around 500 euros and its highest configuration model costs around 630. So the first OnePlus 5G phone should have a starting price of 650 euros. It is expected to be powered by the Snapdragon 8150 chipset, which will carry the Snapdragon X50 5G NR modem.

The new information also reveals that OnePlus 7 that will be the successor to OnePlus 6T will be a 4G phone. However, the Chinese manufacturer is expected to release a 5G version of the smartphone. This assumes that both may have the same specifications.

Ultimately, OnePlus 7 can feature the Snapdragon 8150 chipset with the Snapdragon X24 modem for 4G connectivity, and the OnePlus 7 5G can support 5G networks with the built-in Snapdragon X50.

However, as mentioned earlier, there are some contradictory rumors claiming that the OnePlus 5G smartphone will pave the way for a new series of smartphones from the company.

Therefore, it is advisable to wait for more information to get to know the specifications and the name of the next 5G OnePlus phone. China, the US and some European markets are expected to be the target markets for this equipment, as these sites will be ready for 5G next year.

We remind you that in August, OnePlus successfully completed 5G testing and confirmed that it will soon launch a 5G smartphone on the market. In fact, it will be one of the first devices to be released next year. In addition to OnePlus, there are other smartphone makers ready to enter the market like Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Lenovo, among others.


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