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Infectious erythema epidemic in 33 provinces of Japan Mie Portal

Erroneous infectious erythema in 33 provinces of Japan
Infant with Infectious Erythema (Wikipedia)

The National Institute of Infectious Diseases has published a report on infectious erythema, also known as fifth illness or parvovirus. In Japan it is widely known as ringo-byo (リ ン ゴ 病) because the cheeks of babies and children become red as an apple.


The disease was found in 33 of the 47 provinces and there was an increase of 45% in the period from 5 to 11 of this month. The average was increased to 0.64 patients per nursing institution. This indicator shows that it is much higher than the epidemic in the period from 2015 to 2016.

The northern provinces and the Kanto area are the ones with the most patients per medical institution. Miyagi has 4.95, Niigata with 1.7, Tokyo with 1.54, Kanagawa with 1.41, Iwate with 1.05, Saitama with 1.02, Chiba with 0.87, Tochigi with 0.79 and so on.

Erroneous infectious erythema in 33 provinces of Japan
Table of the epidemic, up to October, and the average number of patients per hospital in Japan (National Institute of Infectious Diseases)

It is an infectious disease caused by the virus it is called parvovirus B19. It is transmitted through contact, either by breathing, coughing or sneezing, mainly affecting children. However, adults may be affected, such as pregnant women.

Symptoms in children include low fever, sore throat, red rash on the skin (face, hands and feet), itching, headache and fatigue.

During the incubation period of the virus, about 14 days, the patient may spread the disease, so masking is recommended. After the explosions occur, there is no further risk of contamination.

In the case of adults there are no explosions. Instead, you will feel pain in your joints.

When you notice the symptoms, the recommendation is to look for a clinic or a hospital. The specialties may be internal medicine (naika), dermatologist (hifuka) and in the case of pediatric children (shonika).

Generally, the composition will be resting and swallowing liquids, such as water.

Parents should advise children to wash their hands with soap and water often because there is no vaccine.

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Erroneous infectious erythema in 33 provinces of Japan
Handwashing often helps to prevent infection (Pexels)
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