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Coast of Alegre. "Do not be afraid of me as a" bullfighter "" – Country


"Do not be afraid of me as" bullfighters, a modern version of "frogs," Costa writes in the open letter to Manuel Alegre, written in the newspaper Public.

"I prefer to give each municipality the freedom to allow or not to conduct bullfighting on their territory with the simple and simple legal prohibition and I consider referendum after a referendum," the prime minister said.

In analogy with the consumption of salt or sugar, António Costa writes that the state does not prohibit it "but must inform citizens about the dangers of their health consumption and have a duty to promote education for a healthy diet, and when it does not violate the freedom of choice of everyone's food. "

While admitting that he is shocked that "the public service broadcasts bullfighting," António Costa demands his "freedom" and defends the "freedom of those who fight against bullfighting."

"As a man of freedom (Manuel Alegre) he must also respect citizens who, like me, reject bullfighting as a public manifestation of a culture of violence or enjoyment of animal suffering," he says in a letter he published in Público.

The Prime Minister points out that taxation can be a policymaker and a behavioral guide and is therefore not neutral.

"Is it illegal to distinguish between different types of spectacles? No. For economic reasons, even if it is very debatable, as it does not intend to cover the" festivals. "Whether it is culture choices as it is with pornography, he says.

"The cause of promoting animal welfare is perfectly legitimate and fortunately has progressive legal expression, the most relevant of which is the recent amendment to the Civil Code, which has ceased to consider animals as" things. " use animals in circus shows, "recalls the prime minister.

In his letter, PS Secretary General explains that "from respect for pluralism and love for freedom," he does not coincide with the phrase commonly attributed to Mahatma Ghandi that "the degree of culture of a given society can be measured in the way who treat the animals ".

"Dialogue of cultures requires mutual respect, tolerance and freedom," says António Costa, telling Manuel Alegre.

In closing the letter, the Prime Minister says: "I know the new political point of view is politically" wrong "… but then I prefer to keep the tradition and defend what I think is right, respecting the freedom of others to defend and practice the opposite. "
Happy for defending bullfighting

Socialist historian Manuel Alegre wrote an open letter, published in the Público newspaper, to António Costa on defending bullfighting, asking him to "intervene in favor of PS's essential values: pluralism, tolerance, respect for the other" and to intervenes to reduce VAT on all non-discriminatory bullfighting emissions by 6%.

This issue was raised by Culture Minister Graça Fonseca, who admitted Tuesday, in a specialty of the state budget for 2019, a possible extension of the glasses covered by the VAT reduction from 13% to 6%, but ruled out bullfighting as a matter of culture. Prior to the presentation of the state budget, the Left Group had signed an agreement with the Socialists in this sense.

In his letter, Manuel Alegre said he supported this government solution, but questioned the weight of the deputy party Animals Nature Animals (PAN). He himself admits that sometimes he feels that "his personal freedom is threatened."

"Not because of what is happening in the world, but because the devil is hiding in the details." It is in the fundamentalism of political correctness, the temptation to interfere with the preferences and attitudes of the people, the leading role of some MPs and leaders who have not been authorized to reorganize or disturb our culture, "said the socialist historian.

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