Monday , March 1 2021

Benficquista Castillo marks Chile's third penultimate victory in Honduras – Internacional

Benfica forward Nicola Castillo ended on Tuesday with Chile's 4-1 victory over Honduras in a game where the Chileans received three penalties.
Castillo, who started, succeeded in the 84th minute after Arturo Vidal made 2-0 in the 11-meter mark at 35 'and Alexis Sanchez had 3-1 with a penalty kick in another penalty shoot-out. 61 & # 39 ;.

Artur Vidal had already scored his first goal in eight minutes while in Honduras Alexander Lopez won the only goal at 40 '.

A little earlier, Argentina, with the start of Sportinginguista Marcos Acuña, beat Mexico 2-0 in Mendoza with Mauro Icardi in the second minute and Paulo Dybala in the 87th minute, white sweater.

In Argentina, without star Lionel Messi, Benfica's Franco Cervi took second place for Rodrigo De Paul, while Mexico had no international players playing in Portuguese clubs.

In other games, Peru, who brought Andre Carrillo, borrowed Al Hilal in Benfica in the 60th minute, lost to Arequipa against Costa Rica 3-2, with Joel Campbell giving the victory to Costa Ricans, 77 minutes.

Argentinian Ricardo Garreca became the coach with more games in front of the Peru team, out of 52 in total, beating Marcos Calderón with 51 and leading the Peruvian team to his last title in 1975 when he won Copa America.

In the private round, Panama, who was in the first World Cup in his history in Russia, lost 2-1 in Panama City against Ecuador in a match in which Panama Abdiel Arroyo of Santa Clara was the peak holder.

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