André Santos reveals the expression of Rui Vitória: "You are" gigadores ", because players are still missing" – Belenenses


André Santos gave an interview at "Expresso", where he spoke about the training of Rui Vitória, first in Fatima and then in V. Guimarães. The midfielder began by saying that it was Paulo Bento who advised him to borrow when playing for the junior of Sporting.
"He was the coach of Group A and called the players he was going to borrow and he said," The best for you is borrowing, go and I think it's best to go to Fatima, who is Mr Rui Vitória, the bets for the young , it's good for you. "And I, without hearing more opinions, have accepted," said André Santos.

The player confirmed that Al Nassr coach was not afraid to get new players on the court but revealed that he was also angry for a long time: "He was very fond of betting on the kids but when he had to give a hard one, he did. the games we had in the Cup we went to play with Coimbrões, at the halftime we lost and in the spa used an expression that I remember today and I say playfully: "Oh guys, do you think you are a player? "to be players there is still a shortage."

Victoria said

At the beginning of 2013/14, André Santos made the presidency of Sporting, but he knew something was wrong. Then a proposal was made for exit, but he declined. Rui Vitória ended up in V. Guimarães.

"I do the season at Sporting, then I was the chairman of Bruno de Carvalho, I was in the last year of a contract with Sporting, I had already left Bruma at no cost, did not want more players to come out at no cost. Ignatius comes to see me in the morning and says he will not show up in the last year of the contract, I am surprised at this and in the season I thought it was strange when we were playing on TV, we were not playing, those who did not play on television, I was playing, I never knew why, so now I will Here Ignatius said he had an offer for Qatar, but I can not tell you how I feel for you and I do not want to go to Qatar. "André, I wanted to call you, the first game is with Arouca, but I do not can. At that time, Rui Vitoria had already called me. I coached V. Guimarães, I won the Cup in Benfica, they played to play the Europa League. Guimarães, "he said.

Now in Belenenses and with another era of contract, André Santos does not close the door to other destinations: "Every player always thinks to improve the contractual situation. If he has the opportunity to jump to another country in Portugal or abroad, it is clear that I will see you soon. "


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