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Walter’s Tear Tales. How does he try to defend the past?

Was it supposed to be a shot from a powerful cannon? An interview between Tomasz Lis and Mariusz Walter was published in “Newsweek”. “The slogan ‘The whole truth is around the clock’ is not an empty shell,” the TVN founder tries to persuade, defending his station with harsh words. But it is not everything! How does Walter justify his past in the Polish Labor Party? And how does Jerzy Urban react to the reminder of the already famous note to the head of the Polish Ministry of the Interior, General Czesław Kiszczak?

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The tear tales of Lisa and Walter. “They steal your child”

Lis’s interview with Walter begins with tearful narratives, presenting TVN as the “victim” of an alleged brutal attack by the authorities…

Mr President, your child is being stolen

– begins the editor-in-chief of Newsweek.

How far am I already from TVN? I think ten years have passed since I left, but now I just think about whether they will take them or not

– says the founder of TVN in a dramatic and emotional tone (simple tricks!).

And when Tomasz Lis remembers the words of his interlocutor, when he was going to repeat that “TVN should go in the middle”, Walter does something completely opposite and with extremely malicious words mocks Mr. Marek Suski, who is the person of his new work the so-called media law (called critical “lex TVN”).

Although making a wig is a noble art, especially because many men have a problem with the amount of hair, such a serious issue should not be placed in the hands of a man looking for Tsarina Aikaterini among us.

– we read, and Thomas Liss resonates, turns … to the values ​​of TVN, which he calls “a monument to the success of the Third Polish Republic”. Beautiful fairy tales!

The whole truth around the clock “?!

However, I am sure that as it ends, it will be a team, but you and many people who have died will continue to work with the conviction that the slogan “The whole truth around the clock” is not an empty shell. “The whole truth is around the clock” – so many times the rulers have tried to ridicule this slogan, but it is not just a slogan. This sentence has a lot of content and is always in the banner

– Walter later adds in a really sloppy and unusually colored narrative.

Twice a day on the way to my current workplace, I have to pass the TVN building and slow down a bit to recognize the faces of my colleagues (…) I can not imagine this team under the Obajtek rule

– flies again.

Differences with Macierewicz

However, the extension of the TVN license and the draft media bill (presented as an attack on TVN) are not the only issues discussed in the interview. There is a lot about Walter’s past … It started with the memories of Walter’s litigation with Anthony Makierevic. “He claimed that TVN was set up by SB agents for FOZZ money,” says Lis.

And it lasted from the first hearing to the last. Only there is no trace of evidence. My answer will be short: We raised money honestly and I must say immoral, we were professionals. No one even thought of finding their money

– Walter defends himself, thus going on the counterattack.

With my health, I have to appreciate the fact that one day I will cease to exist, while my lawyer wants to challenge all attempts to make me feel bad by signing the commitment to be TW.

When Lis asks if “Makierevic should be the accused”, Walter replies: “Yes, but I want to do it when I feel I am not going to hurt anyone.”

You can always say that the SB file was burned, but you see, I have it at home. Four fingers thick. And there is nothing I could blame or my family could do against me. But some teams took me many years to be happy. Because I had all the data to be happy. I was often accused of not being purely Polish

– Walter adds, making the last point a kind of protection?

Urban’s famous letter in honor of Walter

Tomasz Lis also gives Walter the opportunity to try to whitewash the famous letter from the representative of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Poland, Jerzy Urban, from the early 1980s to the head of the Ministry of the Interior, Czesław Kiszczak, which he described as Marius Walter as “the most talented television editor in Poland”, presenting “many interesting general political and propaganda concepts” … Liss asks the founder of TVN if he knew. Walter refuses.

But from where! In Urban’s correspondence with Kiszczak it does not appear from any suggestion I knew of this. In addition, he writes there that Walter works for a Polish company and seems to be unhappy with the authorities. But it was all out of me. For God’s sake!

– claims Walter, ignoring the praises of Jerzy Urban himself,

I told Bożena that the best attack from future traders would be to blame. They started. Information about Urban and his correspondence with Kiszczak and many things that multiply in the air. In addition, he also began to spit on the appearance of truth, authenticity, etc.

– we read in another passage.

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He joined the party, the communists killed his father

There is also the thread of joining the communist party, which is at odds with family history …

I knew that if I wanted to do something on TV in those days, I was rich in nouveau riche, a construction technician, a graduate in civil engineering … with a rather bad background. If I want to do what I dream of, I have to arm myself in Powstańców Square. Arming means having your team, your room, just being inside

Walter defends himself.

The worst thing was to go to my mother and tell her. She was 68 years old and was looking for her father every night

– he adds. What happens; Judge Karol Walter was assassinated by the NKVD in Kiev.

Figurine of the saint in front of TVN

In the end, we leave a little “pearl”. Lis and Walter remember the statue of the saint in front of the TVN headquarters.

When TVN was built, I saw the work on the statue-sculpture on the other side of the street (where TVN stands today) and asked you what it was, because the image of the saints was not compatible with the ideas for a modern television station. The Lord explained to me that he was Saint Florian

– says Tomasz Lis.

That will protect us from floods and fires. Will it also protect against this fire? – I’m sure about that

– says Mariusz Walter.

So many years at Wiertnicza, and gentlemen have not yet learned (even a brief knowledge of the features is enough) that it is not St. Florian and St. John of Nepomuk (although he is indeed a supporter during the flood).

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This is just an emotional interview, full of passion and tearful stories. To encourage hearts! Of course, supporters of TVN and the opposition.

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