Saturday , July 24 2021

There is Kurski’s comment about Mata’s “Patoreaction”. “Vulgar Emergence”

On Tuesday, Mata’s new song “Patoreakcja” appeared on the Web, as well as a music video for it. Mata is the artistic nickname of Michał Matczak. The rapper is the son of Marcin Matczak, a professor of law, a critic of the activities of Law and Justice in the field, including changes in justice.

In the new track, Mata regulates, among other things, the reactions to his song “Patointeligencja” released in 2019. Both pop culture and Polish television, TVP president Jacek Kurski and Jarosław Jakimowicz.

Mata released a new song.  Takes on Telewizja Polska and Jacek Kurski, among othersMata published a new issue. “F *** ing Polish Television”

And the PiS media would like to take care of Mata seniorem / He is a holy man / And what I do is my choice / I will answer for myself / But first I will answer you / So listen carefully – Jacek Kurski, ch * j ci w dziąsło / Stop k * rwo persecuting my family / Because I would like to grow up peacefully

– Mata hit.

Jacek Kurski in “Patoreaction”

The editorial office of “Fakt” asked the president of TVP for a comment. He gave her a text message.

“I took my wife and my newborn baby from the hospital yesterday. It is Holy Week. Despite my best will, I am not interested in vulgar explosions. “I just do not deserve it,” said Kursky. He added that he had not yet heard Mata’s song.

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