The Polish ship sank in the Baltic Sea. The passengers were saved by the Danes


Radio reports from RMF FM have been confirmed by spokesman Rafał Goeck of the Polish Maritime Search and Rescue Service. The Polish unit, which sank in the Baltic Sea on Saturday, November 3, "Kneadus". The ship dealt with commercial cruises from Kołobrzeg to Bornholm Island.

Signal S.O.S. from the Polish unit when it is 20 km southwest of Bornholm. The Danish rescue services provided assistance. A total of two helicopters and three vessels participated in the operation of the 19-member consignment. According to, the Polish authorities have only ca.

It is unknown at this time that the ship went to the bottom with the Polish anglers. Most importantly, all 19 people on board were rescued. The Danes only reported that one survivor was injured. As the Danish Navy reported, Jesper Lyngholm, it is a head injury, which is, however, "innocuous". The wounded is currently in Ronne's hospital.

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