Saturday , October 16 2021

The March Agreement on Independence is a success of both sides. We will be together

We were open and we calculated this deal earlier. The reason for the disagreement was not what the media said we could not guarantee the safety of the assembly or that we did not agree that our flags would not be there?

– says Mateusz Marzoch, vice president of Independence March, head of Guard Independence March in an interview with Ryszard Makowski.

Are the organizers of March independence satisfied with the negotiated agreement with the authorities?

Mateusz Marzocha: We are pleased with this agreement. This guarantees us that the March of Independence, as a formally legal separate assembly, will take place like every year. This agreement is successful for both sides.

Who led the government talks?

Initially, we spoke with Senate Marshal Stanisław Karczewski. On the other hand, in recent days, the Minister's side was represented by Minister Michał Dworczyk.

In what atmosphere were the negotiations conducted?

We addressed each other with mutual respect. The discussion was facilitated by the fact that both sides sought this agreement. Everyone wanted to celebrate this most important day for the Poles together, without unnecessary conflicts. For our part, there were fears that both the president and the prime minister would want this course to be under the auspices of the state. Fortunately, he worked out a formula acceptable to both parties. We'll be together in March.

Was there no likelihood of such agreement with the authorities earlier?

We were open and we calculated this deal earlier. The reason for disagreement was not what the media said we could not guarantee the safety of the assembly or that we did not agree that our flags would not be there. A week ago the talks ended because we, as the March of the League of Independence, did not agree that this year we should not hold a circular assembly but only a state course. Yesterday afternoon we managed to adopt such a version that we are a normal, legal event and part of the state is a separate element of March.

What will be the March scenario?

At 14:00 at Rondo by Roman Dmowski, March Independence March President Robert Bąkiewicz will open a March Independence Circular Assembly. It is obliged to inform about the opening of the meeting. After that, Jan Kasprzyk, the head of the Office of War Veterans and Victims of Violence, will take over the event. Until 15:00 they will sing patriotic songs together. At 15:00, the arrival of Polish President Andrzej Duda and the common song of the national anthem are planned.

What will be the course of the course?

At first, military vehicles, Rosomaki, then a representative of the Polish Army, the Military Orchestra, a platform of veterans, then a zone of protected people, open to all those who received an invitation from the President. Behind this zone there is a white and red flag of 80 meters. On the left side of this flag, the WAT caps will go, in the right, rebuilding, pedestrian and motorized groups. And then everyone will go, who will want to celebrate this great day for Poland.

Does the Mayor of Warsaw have the opportunity to solve this national demonstration?

From our legal point of view, the only one that can end the circular assembly is Masovia's Voivode. In addition, two events occur at the same place and time, so even if Mrs Gronkiewicz-Waltz wants to dissolve our church, there is no power for that state's course.

With this amount of security measures, the Police, the Army, the State Protection Service, the March Guard, probably all the challenges are doomed to failure?

We hope there will be no events on the March route,

Started a few years ago by All-Polish Youth, the ONR and the Right Environment, March Independence is the most important element in celebrating the 100th anniversary of Independence Independence. It is rather a great satisfaction.

Satisfaction, but also great responsibility. Larger arcs for the participants. Those who have been with us for years and for those who choose tomorrow. We are delighted to be able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence after 123 years of attachment with dignity and joy.

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